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Duxford....It has been a long couple of days, so here's a teaser. I only took 640-odd (now only 480, after some culling) or so photo's, but I do need some time to sort them out.

16 October- London: The replacement hotel (Mercure Bloomsbury) Lisa got for me is much, much better than the Ambassador's. For a start I can sit in the chair at the desk and type these annoying words. Anyway, Bovington tomorrow. Look it up if you don't know what "Bovington" is, it's a good website.

More piccies- first the fighting service:

Then the media darlings:

What the inside of a Lancaster looks like.

17- 18 October- Bovington, Dorset, and Hendon, London: Finally running out of puff. Bovington was a 5+ hour round trip, but worth it (even with the rain-sun-rain cycle) while Hendon was just a 20 minute trip on the tube from Euston Underground. Tomorrow it's the NAM and, if I finish up early and have the energy/interest, down to Winchester and the regimental museums there. Chances are it will be just the NAM.

Tomorrow night will be repacking and balancing the luggage and getting an early start. I have to get to Heathrow earlier than 08:57. Basically that means getting to Paddington tube and grabbing the Heathrow Express- so checking out about 0700 and heading off.

Has it been worth it? Yes. Though if I was planning from the start I might have gone in the opposite direction- London first and fly out of Zürich for home. There's a lot to see and do from London (eg Winchester), new leads I found during my travels and places I could avoid, like Newark. I'd also cut it shorter- say six to eight weeks only- and spend more days in each location. No more train in, run around, have one night in a place and move on. I'd also not bother with some places, such as Berlin, unless I got a definite meeting set up. I could have missed Berlin's DHM and done as well by just searching their online database.

Lessons learned, but worth the learning.

Piccies from The Tank Museum:

Piccies from the RAF Museum:

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