Seven Years War

Prussians and their Allies

One of my hobbies is wargaming. Though I seem to collect figures more than actually game. Currently I'm working on a collection from the Seven Years War (1756-1763), to use with Charles Grant's rules. Things are slowly coming together and below are a few shots of what I have to date.

The figures are all 18mm Eureka. My main uniform references are the Kronoskaf SYW site and my book collection.
The Austrians and Allies are HERE

Units are chosen by the colours of their facings or on the appearance of their flags. I'm making no attempt to build a historical order of battle and, as with the assignment of grenadier companies to their battalions and their carrying colours, will bend the "historical rules" for my own purposes.

Prussian Contingent (the regimental numbers weren't officially introduced until 1806)

Prussian Contingent commander (centre), Infantry commander (left) and Cavalry commander (right) with escorts.

1 Brigade: I / Musketeer Regiment "Alt" Braunschweig (IR 5) and 18/43 Grenadier battalion. ^
I know the 18th and 43rd grenadiers weren't combined to form a battalion and I know that the grenadiers didn't carry colours. Mine are and do.

2 Brigade: I / Musketeer Regiment von Itzenplitz (IR 13) and I / Musketeer Regiment Moritz von der Asseburg (IR 27). ^

3 Brigade: 1 / Musketeer Regiment Markgraf Carl von Brandenburg-Schwedt (IR 19) and 1 / Musketeer Regiment "Jung" von Treskow (IR 32). ^

4 Brigade: 1 / Musketeer Regiment Forcade de Biaix (IR 23) and 1 / Fusilier Regiment Balthasar von Schenckendorff (IR 42). ^

5 Brigade: 1 / Musketeer Regiment Prinz Ferdinand von Preußen (IR 34) and 28/46 Grenadier battalion
See grenadier note above.

6 Brigade: 1 / Fusilier Regiment von Rohr (IR 47) and 1 / Fusilier Regiment von Diercke (IR 49). ^

Von Schack's Freikorps and Jaeger zu Fuss

Kürassiere Regiment Markgraf Brandenburg-Schwedt (Nr 5) and Kürassiere Regiment Prinz von Schönaich-Carolath (Nr 9)

Dragoon Regiment von Schorlemmer (Nr 6) and Dragoon Regiment Herzog von Württemberg (Nr 12) ^

Hussar Regiment von Zeithen (Nr 2) and Hussar Regiment v. Billerbeck (Nr 7)

Prussian Artillery batteries

British-Hannoverian Contingent

1st Brigade- 1/3rd (Scots) Regiment of Foot Guards and Knesebeck (Nr 3A)/Hardenburg (Nr 6A) Grenadier Battalion

2nd Brigade- The Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot (2nd) and Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Regiment of Foot) ^

3rd Brigade- von  Block Infanterie Regiment (Nr 8B) and von Halberstadt Infanterie Regiment (Nr 13A)

<Photo coming soon>
4th Brigade-
Handsayd's (16th, later the Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot and Leighton's (32nd, later the Cornwall) Regiment of Foot ^

5th Brigade- von Sachen-Gotha Infanterie Regiment (Nr 9A) and de Chausses Infanterie Regiment (Nr 11A)

6th Brigade- Whitmore's (22nd, later the Cheshire) Regiment of Foot and Manner's (36th, later the Herefordshire) Regiment of Foot

British Cavalry Brigade- 4th (Black) Regiment of Horse and 6th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Dragoons
(The three figures prancing past at the back are the General Officer Commanding Cavalry (a bald-headed fellow from the Horse Guards) and his ADC's from the 16th Light Dragoons.)

<under construction>
Hannoverian Cavalry Brigade- Grenadiere Regiment zu Pferde and von Zepplin's Kürassiere Regiment (Nr 1 C-B)

Light Troops- Elliott's Light Horse (15th Light Dragoons) and Campbell's Regiment of Foot (88th)^

Royal (British) and Hannoverian Artillery Batteries ^

Brunswicker- Hesse-Cassel Contingent

<under construction>
Hesse-Cassel Brigade- 1 / von Gilsa and 1 / von Mansbach Infanterie Regiments

<under construction>
Brunswick Brigade- 1 / von Imhoff and 1 / von Zastrow Infanterie Regiments ^

<under construction>
Cavalry Brigade- Leib Kürassiere Regiment and v. Zeppelin Kürassiere Regiment
Contingent commander and escorts at rear.

Schaumburg-Lippe Artillery Batteries