Battlefield Accessories MDF models

Assembled and painted, with lots of rubble added

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6 x ruined workshop:


6 x ruined apartment/ office blocks and 2 x levelled apartment/office blocks:

All with a footprint of 100mm x 150mm

Battlefield Accessories Prepared Painted (TTR range):


Large factory with damaged roof.  190mm square approx:

Small factory 100mm x 150mm:

Small Resin buildings painted- One that is 75mm square and one that is 130mm x 80mm

“Styrene” painted building of Monte Casino ruins (or so I was told, I used as the train station) 280mm x 150+mm

There are 16 battlefield accessories buildings which cost me around $30 each and 3 other buildings.  So total purchase price is over $500 plus, let’s say, $300 for painting is not unreasonable for a total of $800. 

However, let’s call it $500

Make me an offer and I'll consider it.  Also swaps are of interest: 
18mm WAS/SYW is my prime interest but other 28mm or 18mm figures or terrain may also be of interest.